How to sign out of imessage on apple mac

Case in point, the lurid tale of now-former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley , whose goofy love poetry iMessage thread with his former political advisor and mistress accidentally synced up with his state-issued iPad that he also happened to share with his wife. You probably do not want to log out of you Apple ID entirely on every device. With Family Sharing, one person is the family organizer who sets it all up.

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That organizer adds other users to the account, then confirms any purchases someone else in the group tries to make. Theoretically, you could also do this with your personal account and a work account, which would help keep private data private. This not only secures your Apple ID and every device connected to it, it also prevents you from doing anything on accident in the future because it requires a few extra steps to sign in.


With two-factor authentication, when you sign into a device for the first time, you need to authorize it with a verification code sent to another, trusted device. Beyond all that, one final thing: Besides the fact that you may potentially look like a dummy when someone in your IT department figures it out, most company-issued devices grant access to everything you do on that device to your company.

Which is to say, if you send an idiotic, racist, scandalous, or whatever other stupid message to a friend on that device, your company might just happen upon it. The A.

3 Ways to Turn off iMessage & Stop Messages from Showing on Mac

Its as if the cell network needed reactivating. Keychain thing did it. Keychain thing did it for me. Went into keychain, lock, unlock, boom. Good as new. OH, I really thought keychain was going to fix it! I then tried Airplane mode, still no luck. The above did not work for me. I had this same problem a few years ago, lasting for nearly a year.

How to Log Out / Sign Out of imessage,Yahoo,Gmail on Mac

Apple support tried to help me for several hours, but to no avail. Then, one day, Messages magically started working again. It worked for many months, and then stopped working once more. Your email address will not be published. How to News Not working?

How to Turn Off iMessages on Mac

Tips and Tricks Guides. You are here: Comments The Keychain one fixed it, but I have no idea what I actually did in doing that—could someone explain?

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Any other ideas?