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Am 35 too! I remember getting given yellow McDonalds student cards at some point around This was in a VW Beetle Jeans or a 1. I remember when I was really young Prob mid eighties , my Dad getting given a free chicken McNugget to try their new curry sauce on. I was properly gutted I didn't get one!

McDonalds Menu Prices UK - Updated Price List

Fort Jefferson 8, posts months. MDJ 88 posts months. I was 22, in the Army and could eat for England.

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  • Someone’s dug up the first ever UK McDonald’s menu from 1974 – guess how much a value meal cost?.
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  • McDonald's charges you more for a Big Mac depending on where you live in the UK.
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I remember hitting it by eating: Coneyhurst Blue posts months. Got two warnings whilst there, first for singing like the Swedish chef in the Muppets whilst cooking in the kitchen, then a written warning for telling a new crew member to clean the lift then go upstairs and clean the top lift - he spent a whole shift doing it!

Vixpy1 42, posts months.

McDonalds Menu Prices UK

I remember the quater pounder with cheese meal in being 2. Oakey 23, posts months. No idea of the cost but they they used to have 2 tier pricing for eat in or takeaway across the whole menu I remember they also used to serve root beer. Looks like the first UK Mcdoanlds was in london Suposedly first uk menu here?

Double up your McMuffins whether that's egg, sausage, bacon or all three and create your very own breakfast Big Mac. Maybe even shove a hashbown or two in there. A year ago today, my little sister libbyhinton got married. Get your caffeine fix by tipping a shot of expresso into your chocolate milkshake. You can thank us later. A post shared by Jodi M. Bergerson jmbergerson on Jan 24, at 1: We all know McDonald's do cheeseburgers, but what about loaded cheeseburger?

Stick a mozzarella dipper or five in there, and enjoy all the oozy goodness the double cheese has to offer. A post shared by Martin Rizo comicmartinrizo on Jan 11, at 6: Combine two cookies with a whippy ice-cream and enjoy a dessert from the secret menu. Numerous sources say you can get extra toppings on your McFlurry for the fair price of 20p - you just have to know to ask for it.

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Soooo you can ask for extra toppings in a McFlurry for 20p extra Order your chips without salt, because they'll have to make a fresh batch just for you - which is likely the same for anything you alter from the main menu. Ask for a cheeseburger without cheese, a McChicken sandwich without mayo, etc. We all know the Big Mac burger sauce is one of the best things about McDonald's, so why not get some for dunking your chips into, too? The Filet o' Fish burger comes with a steamed bun, which is fluffier and softer than the normal burger bun, so why not substitute it into your normal burger?

A Neapolitan milkshake, a muffin McFlurry and chocolate covered strawberry ice-cream: