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Agenda Is a Note-Taking App That Can Replace Multiple Apps on Your Home Screen

For example, you could create a packing list for a trip a month from now and assign it the date you expect to begin preparing to leave home. You could also jot down notes about a meeting you attended a week ago and give the note that date. You could even start a new note every morning, assigning it the current date, and treat Agenda like a journal. The advantage of assigning dates is that you can then search for notes based on dates and date ranges.

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From the calendar button, you can search for notes based on pre-defined date ranges or custom ones you choose by dragging across the dates in the pop-up calendar. You can also link notes to existing events or new events in your calendar. Clicking on an event gives you the option to create a new note that will be linked to the event. If you want to link to a note in another app, you can do so from the Copy As item under the Edit menu or from the gear icon in an individual note.

Agenda has a relatively flat organizational hierarchy, relying on a combination of search, filters, tags, and links to surface notes. The feature is pitched as a way to create a working set of active notes, which are easily accessed from the Overview section of the left-hand panel. Unfortunately, there is no way that I have discovered to create queries that combine tags and keywords. Notes can also be linked to each other, which allows for the creation of wiki-like integrated sets of notes.

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  • Links to other notes look just like links to webpages. The variety of ways to search and filter notes in Agenda is essential because the lack of note previews makes browsing a large collection of notes more difficult than in other apps. Browsing can be made a little easier by collapsing notes, which reduces scrolling, but its utility is hampered by the fact that a collapsed note only shows its title.

    That creates a learning curve that is steeper than most note taking apps. Agenda can import Agenda and Markdown files as well as Apple Notes. The first two types of imports worked well, but importing from the Apple Notes app comes with serious caveats. All of my notes were successfully imported with each folder transformed into an Agenda project, but the imported notes were text-only. None of the images or links with the Notes-style previews were imported.

    Because so many of the notes I have in Apple Notes include those things, the imported notes were of little use to me, so I deleted them almost immediately. Agenda is available for Free as a Universal app for iPhone and iPad. Home About Advertise Contact. Don't like seeing ads? To support us and help us pay our bills, click here. Streamline Icons 3. Agenda on iPad. Get App View Website.

    Note Basics

    Brought to you by company description. This has been fixed - Collapse and expansion of notes works much better - Exporting and sharing of notes with slashes in the title is now properly handled - Dragging a mail message in now shows the subject, rather than just "Show in Mail Could sometimes appear with an empty window - Search bar could sometimes hide that there was any filter.

    Fixed - Pressing enter with cursor at the end of a starred line will now behave as expected. The app seems functional enough. Theres nothing I found special or anything that warranted special consideration, and that includes a needless mandatory yearly fee. So far I have seen no utility or tool that allows you to bulk download your notes should you elect to discontinue using this app.

    Some applications deserve to be called SaaS, or Software as a Service. A simple note taking app on the Mac app store just like the dozens that came before it is not one of them.

    Unbelievably Useful Mac Apps #2

    The problem with small apps that automatically subscribe to you is if you are at all a busy person with a standard credit card, you forget about fees that only rear their head once a year. The functionality is here, but the price is not. One star based on value with the hope that developers wise up and just charge for a new version of the software every few years.

    The best calendar app for Mac

    Please let me clarify our sales model: It is not a subscription. We certainly do not charge you automatically each year. We don't use any automatic payments at all. What's more, the app is actually free to use, forever. If you are happy with the basic features, there is no charge to use it. If you find the premium features we offer useful, you can unlock those.

    Hands on: Agenda 2.0 for Mac is a beautiful new notes app with unique calendar features

    You get all current features — as well as all features introduced in the following year — and you get to keep them forever. They are permanently unlocked. After your year is up, new features may appear that are again locked, but you are never forced to pay for them. You can choose to pay for them and get another year of premium features, or you can choose to stick with what you already paid for, and keep using those features forever. And even if you don't pay, you get free bug fixes as well as any new features we add that are not 'premium'.

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    If you decide to you want to stop using the app, we offer export in a number of formats, including HTML, markdown, and a JSON representation for people with scripting skills. So your data is fully available for you to take with you. No lock in. I hope that has clarified the sales model. Most importantly, it is not a subscription. You pay for concrete features, and can keep those features forever. You are never forced to pay, and can keep using the app as long as you like even if you do not pay.

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    • It sounds like a a good idea: The yellow-orange color is hard on my eyes, and the font size is too small, but they are not too bad. Figuring out how to work everything is not quite as good as it could be, but not bad either. There are two major problems, though.

      The developer say an ios version is in the works, though, If I were going to use this at all, it would be at the core of my workflow, and then it has to run on both macos and ios. I am never going to use this app to replace my next action lists sorry, yes, GTD , so there has to be some path back and forth. More sharing options would be a good thing. Email alone looks like a headache. Please note that the text size is adjustable now, just like in a web browser. The iOS app is very close to release. We will be starting beta testing soon. You can find out more at http: In terms of integrating with other apps, including GTD apps, we now support sharing extensions, so there is a good chance you can add content and links from in Agenda.