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Welcome to VirtualBox. Oracle today released a 6. See the Changelog for details. New January 28th, VirtualBox 5. Oracle today released a 5. The version of the JVM you already have installed is too old for the version of Eclipse you are trying to install. A potential solution to your problem might be to uninstall Java6 provided by Apple itself and only have Java7 installed in your system.

How to Install Java on macOS Sierra

This only applies in case you have no applications that desperately need the old Java6 version to be installed. After this step you should only have Java7 by Oracle installed in your system. To verify, open another terminal and do a:. It should display something like "java version "1. If not: Open a terminal and Note: Afterwards, a fresh installation of Eclipse should detect Java7 in your system and should work with this version out of the box.

You can modify an installed Eclipse to use this installation by navigating in Eclipse to:. Source answer to I installed Java 7 but Eclipse keep saying that 1. But you don't need the JDK it's quite big. This link that says free java download, would include the JVM https: Either way you'll get the JVM. Try going to whatever part of the mac involves listing programs, and see if you can remove version 1.

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Or envision a data management firm storing hundreds of millions or billions of documents in cloud storage with thousands of clients worldwide constantly searching by various criteria such as subject, date, title or author. The JVM in its current state is simply not designed to handle a large number of transaction requests without memory bottleneck and latency speed of transaction issues. The JVM has lagged in meeting requirements for modern high performance applications that necessitate lightning fast response times and a simultaneous ability to collate massive quantities of data.

Sunnyvale, California based Azul Systems is a privately held software company that has been around since Zing, as the product is called, is a novel JVM that claims to remove memory constraint and eliminate the issues of performance consistency. I think his words are a bit modest.

In three short years Azul boasts an enviable client list. Ten of the top twenty largest banks in the world run the Zing JVM.

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Most clients have chosen to remain anonymous. Sellers informed me that many large hedge funds and high frequency traders are Zing users as well.

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Trading systems run with Zing now have execution speeds consistently measured in microseconds. The speed and efficiency of online transactions has now been exponentially improved. The quantum leap that Zing provides probably increases the continued prevalence of Java. While these languages may boast a certain feature that Java lacks, it is the vibrant and massive programmer community that supports Java that sets it apart. There are so many more Java developers being born as other languages flame out like fleeting meteors and wind towards a slow but inexorable extinction.

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There is pretty clear evidence that Zing is here to stay and may become the standard bearer in the JVM world. Sellers revealed that Zing sales increased eight fold percent for year and he expects to percent growth for this year. Whether eCommerce, online advertising, trading environments, machine to machine systems or other online and web applications, the Zing JVM is moving the world forward.