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Though there was a Mac version of the software, it too did not work as it was supposed to but a workaround did get it going satisfactorily and I stuck with that one for about 12 months. It was never terribly comfortable for me with my small female hands, and some repetitive strain injury started to set in yeah I admit I play way too much so once again I decided to look around for the elusive perfect mouse.

With some trepidation I looked once more to Logitech and I know their products as I had some past happiness with them in the non-gaming arena. I love it!

Which is the best mouse for Mac right now?

The hardware itself is gorgeous, even more gorgeous that the Razer Naga. Ergonomically it is way superior. The Mac software that came with it, not only works, but it is a sheer joy to use.

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Though it works well with WOW straight out of the box, using the auto-game-search function, I decided to put some time into personalising it to my own taste. Within only minutes I started to feel at home with it with my fingers easily landing on the correct buttons.

If this is in the wrong place to post, please someone move it. Apr 7, For my G I customized profiles so that the button lights match the character's class color. My brother always makes fun of me playing with a pink mouse. The g is what I use. Absolutely zero regrets from upgrading from a Naga.

Rival 650 Wireless

LOL Jesselyn great idea colour matching your mouse with the character class. Not sure I can bring myself to switch from my girly purple to pale blue though: Meh, I use a madcatz mmo7. I know madcatz products are generally crappy but this mouse is amazing and I have had no problems yet. Very comfortable too. IDK but my logitech mouse from like seems to be working for me. Does the G have both smooth and clicky scrolling? It seems obvious, but some don't.

Best Gaming Mouse For Mac

Apr 8, Haven't gotten around to upgrading to the G-series, but I've been using the MX series for years. First a , and currently a Apr 8, 1. I use Windows, but I also have a Logitech G-series mouse. Specifically, a G I like the grainy texture on the sides of it, as I find that the more smooth-sided mice get all slick with hand juices, especially when playing for many hours.

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Fellow Mac user. I'm very happy with my Razer DeathAdder, but I'll keep this one in mind should it need replacing!

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Aug 16, Using a dedicated button on the top of the mouse, you can easily switch Dpi between , , , , and After eight minutes of inactivity, the mouse will put itself to sleep, and you simply click any button to wake it. Due to its diminutive size 5. Not listed.

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Over the last few decades, designers have scratched their heads as Mac mice either underperformed, or introduced bizarre design features. And this functionality can be extended via the third-party app BetterTouchTool.

USING MOUSE WITH 20 BUTTONS TO PLAY FORTNITE! (Best Mouse For Fortnite Battle Royale)

There are three words that strike crippling fear into any designer: For decades now, a small band of proselytisers have preached that using a trackball mouse has staved off the dreaded CTS, and that includes a good number of designers. So, are they onto something? Firstly, we should point out that making the shift from a traditional mouse to a trackball takes time and patience. But after spending some time with one, you will start to feel the benefit. Logitech is a brand with plenty of experience in the trackball market, and with the Logitech MX Ergo Wireless mouse it continues to excel.

This wireless upgrade boasts left and right buttons, a scroll wheel, a quick sensitivity switcher, and — of course — the trackball. Wired USB Battery life: In this category of gaming, the Razer Naga has become the mouse of choice, thanks to its staggering button layout. And with the upgraded Razer Naga Trinity , you now get a selection of three removable game plates, which support its traditional button layout, as well as a circular hex layout, and a simple two-button layout geared towards first-person shooters the plates are magnetic, making them incredibly easy to switch out.

Put simply, you get three gaming mice in one.