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Any tips for my setup — would it be worth upgrading my mics or mixer, and is there some kind of driver I need to download to be able to separate my channels coming in from the USB mixer to be edited separately on my laptop? Hi Derek, were you unable to get yourself and your co-host on independent channels in Audition, or just your Skype guests? This is a video of me setting up multiple mics in Audition using another USB device the Scarlett 18i8 https: Thanks Matthew!

I think this may have solved my issue… I will give this a try with my mixer! Colin, I am trying to set up my mixer with my laptop to do sports broadcasting. What should I do? Do I need drivers, or is the mixer itself wrong? These tips are great! Just need an idea of what equipment I need in terms of a mixer.

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The Yamaha MG10 sounds right? And also what software should I be using on my mac to record? Logic pro? Hi I co-host a podcast called Jack of no Trades and we record remotely for the most part. My question is that if I use the mix-minus technique through skype or hangouts is the audio quality of my co-host going to be significantly worse than if he just recorded locally? I found this post useful in finding a mixer so thanks for that and hopefully you can help me out! There are a few tools online now that record locally. Purchased the Yamaha model mentioned here to replace my old Alesis MultiMix The Alesis served me well for many years but was no longer recognized by the computer — Alesis stopped updating the drivers in , with FireWire unfortunately a thing of the past.

The Yamaha seems OK when recording, have everything set pretty much the way I did before — 2 XLR mics, for me and the co-host, and then a mix-minus set up to record a Skype guest. Using barely any gain on the mics and the main mix around half, recorded a podcast and the result is almost totally unlistenable due to so much distortion and crackling in the mix. Am I doomed to this distorted sound using this thing? Do you have any recommendations? Very disappointed. Hi Boz, sounds like something has gone wrong somewhere as you say.

Were you able to try a process of elimination using different cables, mics, computer, etc?

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My group is starting a podcast that will later transfer into doing youtube segments as well, we need a sound board that can handle up to 6 local microphones. Anyone deal with a group this big and know the hardware solution? And does the soundboard hook right up to a laptop with audacity? The Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 https: Hi, Im trying to record a podcast using 4 Yeti mics, but cannot get a mac or pc to pick up the individual channels. Had better luck on PC but still cannot get the separate mics to work, any ideas? Im using Adobe Audition.

Is there a USB mixer with usb inputs for the my 4 usb mics? It is possible to get 2 USB mics working into the same computer at once see https: Hello Thanks for the great info. I am using a Yamaha Mc06 I think and trying to record a Skype podcast using audacity. I can get the voices of myself and my guest into my Monitors fine but I cannot get Audacity to record my skype co hosts voice.

Not sure what I am doing wrong since I hear Everything fine in my headset but only my voice gets recorded. Any help is appreciated. Is there much fundamental difference in a USB mixer vs a non-usb mixer with a USB interface like a focus rite scarlett? Hi Adam. Hi, glad I found this posting, thanks! Can you tell me where you put the mixer in your signal chain?

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Does it make sense going via the main XLR balanced out from the Behringer mixer? Hi Mike. Balanced is always a better choice. Wow very excited to find your post. I tried to figure out a multi mic approach with out a mixer, and ended up with two yeti blues that I need to return. I picked up a Behringer Xenyx , and boy did it solve the problems.

With a two mic setup, is it possible to isolate each mic as a different input once it goes into the computer or off the board?

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With the way the setup is, I have on track with both mics. I actually have some videos on this inside The Podcast Host Academy. This is a great article, and I really appreciate all of the wonderful information that you are sharing. I either have the headset directly plugged into my iphone, or I use one of the wireless mic kits paired with either the given lav mic or the headset. You know, make life easier for myself and for those others involved. Just hit record, everything works, and then maybe some small post-production editing, but no more difficult syncing.

The second part is for the videos. Apparently not all seconds are measured equally…who knew!?! Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Lastly, the reason I have the wireless mics, is mostly because of the video component to all of this, and I wanted some mics that I could use for both.

Digital Mixers voicemeeter is supposedly a digital option to the physical mixers discussed. Any advices or thoughts on voicemeeter or voicemeeter banana? Does one really need a mixer for vocal audio podcasting? Definitely not essential though. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. Really love these articles! Bonehead move on my part. I planned on recording into my Macbook on either Audacity or GarageBand.

Anyway, It would be nice if I did not have to get rid of this for something else. But all I seem to find is using a USB interface, and some of them are more expensive than the mixer! Do you have any ideas or suggestions? I am launching my new podcast this month, and would love to find something that both works and sounds good without spending an insane amount of coin. Please let me know what you think, and thanks for all of the great advice!

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No chance you could exchange it with your distributor? What part of your process do you feel you need a mixer for? Hey Colin! Thanks for the article. I had a few questions about the mixers and how to use them for Podcasting. Secondly the output has been a bit of a struggle. Should I be doing that rather than recording directly on my computer? Which channel should that be plugged in to? One of the first 4 or should that be in one of the other channels, if you know.

Also, just a more general question. What is a good sound level to work for in podcasting. Nice right up, thanks. From my brief look they may not offer phantom power on both channels though, which would make dual condenser mics tough. I would love if you have a chance to try one and share thoughts with this community.

Wow, now seeing lots of typos and errors in my reply above, apologies. First of all, thank you so very much for the time and dedication you put on this blog. I has helped me with clarify so many doubts. Will the preamps in the digital recorder be able to obtain good signal from the HEIL? Or do I really need to have a standalone preamp between them? Hi Colin, thanks for this very helpful blog. But I am getting super low levels in the recordings, even when the gain is turned way up on the mixer.

Suspect I am doing some fundamentally wrong here — grateful in advance for your advice! Thanks for info. If you were choosing between an audio recorder Zoom HN4 Pro or a mixer which would you pick? Or would you use both? I bought this mixer and now understand the mix minus set up. However, having spend hours and hours trying to get the quality better and splitting the recording track in Audacity so my voice is panned left and the caller panned right on each side of a stereo track, I find out that the Xenyx USB is not compatible with Windows Many reviews have said it was great until they upgraded to Windows I have control over the volumes, but I cannot pan.

What a great post! My friends and I are looking to take our podcast to the next level and a Mixer is it!

I have a podcast where I interview one person over Zencastr. The problems I have is that Zencastr does not show the volume level. And sometimes I record with all my levels as they were, but they are not. My voice gets way to quiet. It seems that my computer automatically changes the input levels. So would a mixer, where I can always have the level, in the same way, solve this problem? Your email address will not be published. The Best Podcast Mixers: Do you NEED a mixer for podcasting? No, definitely not. Yes, almost certainly. Well, read on.

The Desire to Upgrade It never takes long. Let Alitu Take Care of Your Podcast Editing Alitu is a tool that takes your recording, polishes it up, adds your music, and publishes the episode, all automatically. About The Author. Colin Gray Colin has been teaching people how to podcast since Related Posts.

Shawn on September 1, at 7: Colin Gray on September 2, at 9: Mark Taylor on September 2, at 9: Davey J on January 24, at 1: Really grateful for this resource! Colin Gray on January 26, at 9: Hey Davey, thanks for the question. Nick E on February 16, at Colin Gray on May 26, at 9: Hope that helps! Colin Reply. Kelsey Todd on February 17, at Thanks, Colin Reply. Tom Neel on July 26, at 2: I like the idea of your podcast.

Can you share a link so I can listen to it? Dan on March 25, at This being the case: Colin Gray on April 8, at 4: Joe on March 27, at 8: Martin F on April 5, at 3: Greg on April 11, at Elvin Zuleta on April 30, at Awesome article! Currently my Firepod interface comes up in Cubase set up automatically. Thank you! Elvin Reply. Gary Landon on May 8, at 3: Do you have a suggestion for gear to use in conjunction with the Heil microphone please? Thanks so much! Glen Moyer on May 26, at 4: Thanks Reply. Hey Glen, Sounds like a good plan — and you have a decent setup there to support it. Bob R on July 15, at 7: Which setup do you prefer?

Those are the options. Looking for guidance. Thanks Bob Reply. Rohan on July 17, at 3: Krism on August 11, at 7: Thanks for the post, Colin.

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It was incredibly informative. Thanks in advance! I am wondering what is the real positive to pro level mixer and the mid-range mixer Reply. Hi Colin, Thanks heaps for your article, very informative. I plan on using Audacity, Regards Reply. Matthew ThePodcastHost. Hope that helps, and keep us posted with how you get on! Get one!

I was looking to improve the quality of voice recordings for podcasts, interviews, etc. In addition to the positive reviews on Amazon about most of the Behringer equipment, my son, who has some experience with sound equipment said that Behringer makes solid items, but that I shouldn't expect much in the way of customer service. He's helped me work on tweaking my setup and he finds the items I Very basic and to the point does what it needs to perfectly, only faulters on how to get started in documentation.

Being I am a beginner with some experience it was an easy setup and calibrate to make me sound like me with a cheap Mic, but newbies will be lost more than they should, really only a 1 star loss on rating, it's actually a good thing but at the cost of your time. I think you would be hard pressed to find a better mixer for the price.

I use this for live broadcasting. The build quality is good and the Jacks have positive locking with no slop.

The center detents on the knobs is great. Sound quality is great too. This unit has more features then most people need but again the price is incredible. I get no noticable audio lag even when using the fx processor. Now the down sides. The Bluetooth is not that good for audio quality. To say the manual needs work is an understatement.

My only other issue is how short the power cord is. In closing, I love this mixer and it out performs my expectations. I have and will continue to suggest this mixer to anyone looking. Monmouth, Oregon, US. I love this mixer! I mean, it doesn't bother me too much, however, I do like to know what I'm getting when I order something and what I got was different than what I ordered. I know it's not that big of a deal but in the photos the LED's for the Effects are Blue, however the one I got it red.

Also the sliders are a different color than what is pictured. Even the box it came in shows it's supposed to be blue and have black sliders, however it didn't. Still works just as great and still sounds amazing! The main use will be to record my singing voice as opposed to instruments. Posted on Feb 20, 7: Page content loaded. Feb 20, 8: If the mixer has audio line-out, and your MacBookPro has an audio line-in you can record the output of the mixer in Garageband. In GarageBand you will record from the audio input.

There is no "connection" between the mixer and GarageBand per se. You didn't say what model MacBookPro you have. In the current lineup, only the 15" MacBookPro still has audio line-in. Check yours to make sure it has an audio-in port. Mar 27, 4: I got macbook pro 13'' version I got output cable 2x RCA to 3. Do i need any other cables?