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More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Desktops Speciality level out of ten: Any thoughts? Starting points? Running an EtreCheck…. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Then, determine if your Mac meets ALL minimum system install requirements.

Also, check for app compatibilty here. Good Luck! View answer in context. Loading page content. Apple, Inc. Versions of the operating system earlier than the one that shipped with a particular Mac are not compatible. If you have a mission critical application that only runs on Mac OS 9, you likely would be best served by maintaining a PowerPC-based Mac.

All Intel-based Macs are capable of running a number of Intel-based distributions of Linux through Apple Boot Camp or by using "virtualization".

Is it possible to upgrade a MacBook late 2007

You need at least Core 2 Duo with 64 bits capabilities. Again, this discussion is about the A white MacBook. You have a Pro, which is a different machine entirely. Show 2 more comments. I sell Macbook duo cores on Craigslist. While the hacks can get you to Mavericks or beyond unless its a Macbook Pro I just wouldn't.

Google reFind.

Upgrading your Mac

Take note of CPU and Ram use. Its lower then OS X. Windows requires extra drivers. Check out the Bootcamp updates or find drivers for sound, etc. On a budget? Some have 4gb ram. Mazzel mazzeldiaz. If you mean Macbook White late so you can do upgrade to Lion There is many tutorial you'll find on internet how to force upgrade unsupported OS to your MB white. And yes it is just wasting your time because your hardware won't run optimal on those OS.

So stay on Lion or Snow Leopard. I agree you can put up to OS X The graphics are a little dodgy but for the most part it's fine, I even got the Internet to work right. Hi, i have macbook white and i have install on it Yosemite with mac post factor,but the mac is very slow,ha e a problem with the graphic,forse Exemple the game than i play with lion is all' fine ,with Yosemite the game ha e a low framerate,i have read in this discussion than there are utents than have installa Yosemite fine,how have we doing it?

Poor graphics. Poor internet using.. Thinking about some graphics adjustments, but is not usable..

I don't recomend this upgrade.. Using OS x Miles Raymond. Just beware that there might be some issues due to the incompatibility of newer OS software on officially unsupported hardware. It can also install Hi, thanks Mine's model identifier is 2,1. According to the macrumors. I'll try with 4Gb and a SSD when i'll have the money to buy. Yes, but this conversation is about As white non-unibody MacBooks , and your laptop is an aluminum Pro -- totally different animal. There are hacks such as Macpostfactor and others that can be used to place Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosmite and even El Captain on unsupported Macbooks, iMacs and even older machines.

Look on Youtube for instructions. Many users have have great success with these methods. Newer versions of OSX are not going to always run well on unsupported Macs. Don't get me wrong they work but these older machines simply lack the graphic cards to always do well. Nothing run with trying the hacks though. Personally I'd go with Linux. Elementary OS runs fine on these machines. This is cool: This is the best answer -- it's awesome that there are still black Macbooks ticking and for the nostalgia alone they seem worth running but the only thing they're going to run decently is a trimmed down version of linux.

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Even mainstream versions of Ubuntu are too resource intensive to run well. Sure, it won't be a speed demon, but it is fine for most basic uses. It still plays older and more basic games just fine. One could also clone the current hard drive to a SSD Solid State Drive which would result in no need to re-install any OS, and since SSD's have no moving parts to fail they are more robust then clunky old drives. SSD's will also make the battery last longer since they use much less power to operate, waking up from sleep is also much faster. I use them in everything I can. Avery Hoexter. You can use clover too boot and download the.

Also the keyboard and touchpad don't have a driver. Also there's a guide on tonymacx86 for Simple Simon. I have a Macbook Pro 2. I find Lion a bit slow compared to Snow Leopard. Would like to try Mountain Lion due to compatibility with a few of my apps. People have mentioned that Safari doesn't work well with Mountain Lion. Is it only Safari, or all browsers? So, how does Mountain Lion run on that Macbook Pro?

Faster than Lion but slower than Snow Leopard? Snow Leopard was good for its day but I wouldn't want to use anything older then Yosmite. Safari will usually work best with more current versions of OS X. A cool thing to check out is how well Windows 10 runs on that system as well as versions of Linux.

The SSD was a smart move. Runs quite well. No incompatibilities so far. Faster than Lion. I don't think it is as fast as Snow Leopard, but the difference is tiny.

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Another plus is that it seems to have improved 2 key functions vs. Snow Leopard: The trackpad seems to work more smoothly and accurately. I was always irritated by the poor wifi connection with SL and Lion. Weaker signal, in the same room, vs. The connection seems more stable and stronger now with ML. I don't think I want to try El Capitan on this machine.