Arris cable modem change mac address

Need extra help installing your Ooma Hub or Telo system? Let us know. Ooma tech support has suggested we change our arrangement from: No other device will light up the 'ethernet' light when connected. I've followed instructions from Comcast of depowering the modem with battery removed, holding the RESET button for extended period.

TG862G/NA: MAC Address Lookup

Nothing has helped. Is this possible? How to do this?

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Tho this would probably require re-registering it with Comcast. Thanks a bunch.

Anyway to change the MAC address in a cable modem ?

This has been driving me crazy. Turn off the cable modem. If it has a battery, disconnect it. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. That will make it forget the learned MAC address. Rewire your system before you turn the modem back on. All cable modems memorize the first device to connect after power on and will block all others. This is how the cable company prevents you from getting more than one IP address.

Arris TG862g Wifi Setup

At this point I'm thinking the simplest might be to purchase a new cable modem. I bought a new Arris modem, which connected to Comcast just fine. But the Ooma modem won't connect to this either. Am I missing something in the setup? Again, the ethernet light doesn't come on in the Arris.

Anyway to change the MAC address in a cable modem ? | Overclockers Forums

MAC addresses were designed to be fixed numbers that cannot be changed. However, this approach is an inefficient use of IP addresses that are currently in short supply. The ISP more commonly issues each customer dynamic IP address that may change each time the customer connects to the internet. ISPs ensure each customer receives only one dynamic address using several methods. Cable modem services, on the other hand, do this by registering and tracking the MAC address of the device that connects to the ISP. The customer is free to build a network behind this equipment, but the ISP expects the MAC address to match the registered value at all times.

Whenever a customer replaces that device, however, or changes the network adapter inside it, the MAC address of this new equipment will no longer match the one registered at the ISP.

MAC Address Control for the Arris TG852GRouter Sceenshot

The ISP will often disable the customer's Internet connection for security and billing reasons. A better way to quickly workaround this problem is to change the MAC address on the new device so that it matches the address of the original device. While an actual physical MAC address cannot be changed in hardware, the address can be emulated in software. The emulated MAC address appears to the service provider identical to the original hardware address.

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  5. In this case, MAC address cloning is not required. Resetting including recycling power on both the cable modem and the host computer will automatically change the MAC address stored inside the modem. In Linux and versions of Unix, the "ifconfig" also supports changing MAC addresses if the necessary network card and driver support exist. The MAC address is an important element of computer networking.