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For reasons that do not depend on Softonic, you will be redirected to download Google Earth on the author's website. While this program works best when utilising an online connection, it is possible to cache save small packets of data. These packets can then be opened and examined in detail when required. Besides providing top-down satellite imagery, it is possible to display the elevation associated with a specific region.

This option is available when the map itself is displayed. Gradients and other details will be updated from time to time. As this software obtains its imagery from a number of trusted satellite providers, it is difficult to know exactly when the next update will take place.

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However, the "Historical Imagery" option within Google Earth is able to highlight when the last update went live. The majority of images provided by this software are able to present a maximum resolution of approximately 15 metres per pixel. However, recent updates have increased this resolution. This will primarily depend upon the satellite that was used to obtain the imagery and the date that it was added.

The basic online version of Google Earth can be accessed via the "Maps" function within the browser. Those who are looking for an enhanced version will be happy to know that a free download is available through the official Google website. This is open-source software. GPS devices which do not support Earth can still be linked to this program by exporting the data. It may thereafter be viewed much like any normal imagery. According to the most recent statistics, this program will require a CPU with a speed of 1 GHz or higher and at least two gigabytes of free hard drive space.

However, only one account is supported at any given time.

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Google Earth and its more advanced professional version have been vetted by technical experts. As its database is regularly updated, any sources of malware or spyware are likewise addressed. This official Google product is safe. It is recommended that your system contains a minimum of 4 gigabytes of RAM as well as an additional 4 gigabytes of free hard drive space. In order for this program to run quickly, a high-speed Internet connection is optimal.

This depends upon the satellite provider. From a very general standpoint, the images within Google Earth Pro are updated every few months. Some could be improved in as few as two or three weeks.

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A handful of other worthwhile accessories contained within this version include the ability to measure distance and elevation, three-dimensional versions of major cities, sightseeing tours of famous locations and the possibility of creating video files to share on sites such as YouTube. One of the most interesting additions associated with this bundle is that you can take virtual "tours" of both the moon and Mars.

There is even a possibility to take a "flight" to the moon.

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Those who are interested in more astronomical options should take a quick look at Google Sky for desktops and mobile phones. Pro 7. Read more stories. Don't leave without your download! Google Earth Discover the world with Google. Download and installation help.

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