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I found it to be quick and captures very long htmls pages as pngs. Hope this helps someone.

Try Jing. It is not a Safari extension, but it is always available if you choose for it to be. It will amaze -- and it's free. It includes the drop shadow with transparency. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How to take a full page screenshot in Mac OS Safari? This question already has an answer here: Saving a Safari page as a PNG image 5 answers.

Aug 25 '18 at I couldn't get Awesome Screenshot to work with all websites, but I've used webkit2png and Paparazzi.

The other question covers the same end result functionality, but the accepted answer is not a Safari Extension, so unless tillinberlin really doesn't need an extension, this is fine as a related question and not a duplicate. You don't have to, but if the tool isn't preferred - another option or none might be better for others.

Awesome Screenshot is a browser plugin that can capture the full site the visible part or a selection of the site. Awesome screenshot can havoc your life because of adware, unnecessary ads, slow down you browser and much more. No plugin is needed. Extension is garbage chrome adware, original question was for a safari extension. Second answer provide just below this one is a great solution, answers the question specifically, and provides better screenshots anyway. Nothing personal, but the correct answer for the question should be the best one.

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2. Firefox Screenshots (for Firefox Users)

Hope tillinberlin will change. The best screenshot capturer for Mac.

Forget browser extensions. Paparazzi is awesome. This tool really is great. Especially combined with the ability to interact with the web view and add delays and whatnot. Thanks mkubilayk! Cannot handle pages that requires you to login. Aleksandar Vacic Aleksandar Vacic 1 4 5. I don't know if it's Bootstrap or not, but my PDF is black and white with minimal styling. The only thing to consider is that the PDF will have page breaks. If you need one, continuous, unbroken flow, then PDF is not the right choice.

I think this actually just Prints to PDF. Not really a true full-page screen-capture-to-pdf. Good only for so many purposes, unacceptable for a lot more. Well, I got an ugly version of my page in pdf. CSS totally broken. Skitch 1. That function was removed from Skitch 2. Skitch marks up a web page; Evernote copies them.

Under the "Paper Size" pop-up, select "Manage Custom Sizes" Create a new paper size that fits the entire webpage eg, 8. Noah Noah 2 8. Zo Zo 2, 6 This link is dead.

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I upvoted this answer, even though it recommends a third-party product, which is not what the user asked for. Go to evernote. The clipper is installed with it. Not only does it save web pages as one, long contiguous image, you can actually edit the page like it was a Word document or something. The fonts stay the same, the page reflows like it was Dreamweaver or the like. I don't know why they made the effort, but they did, and it works great. How do you do this? I can't get the Clipper to take a screenshot of the entire page.

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It will save the page into Evernote, but what results is not an exportable image, and the "screenshot" function only captures the visible screen, or some subset thereof. Da hilft die gute alte P Taste, doch alles andere greift er ohne Sorge. Eine Seite komplett da. Keine, bis auf Bild de, aber das liegt nicht an Paparazzi! Benutzerfreundlicher, sicherer und schneller Browser.

Fast fertig. Mac Werkzeuge Screenshots machen Paparazzi! Screenshots von kompletten Webseiten erstellen Paparazzi! Ganze Beschreibung lesen. Softonic-Testbericht Paparazzi! SnapNDrag Schnell und einfach Screenshots erzeugen. Screenshots von kompletten Webseiten erstellen. SnagIt Screenshot-Werkzeug mit Bearbeitungsfunktionen.

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