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Users rating: Play along with real-world fixtures from top leagues.

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Every injury, suspension, and change in team form is reflected in-game — keeping you connected wherever you are! Rise to the top of the Leaderboards and use superstars like Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale to crush your competitors around the world. Then, share your most glorious moments online — straight from Instant Replay!

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Want more? Classic modes like Manager, Tournament, and Kick Off are available for purchase in-game. The game you love. The game you live for. If you need help or have a question, contact us Would you like to update this product info? Is there any feedback you would like to provide?

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Windows Media Player 9. Microsoft PowerPoint TeamViewer 9. Modern Warfare 1. Modern Warfare Mozilla Firefox TeamSpeak 3. Virtual DJ 8. Google Chrome Windows Live Movie Maker 6. The demo doesn't have nearly any, and I like to be able to see the face. You can start looking for what you need here http: Actually for the player faces i use this mod: Thanks Rhazzy. But there is a website where you have everything you need Everything you need for FM is on this site I havnt played either game yet but am seriously thinking of pre-ordering Football Manager I hear the series is pretty addicitve, how in depth is it?

Also, all the screens and videos of the game ive seen so far show lower division teams from the English league system Football Manager im on about here. Do they have the Premier League, and is it just the English leagues that are available? Football Manager is very in-depth, but in a good way.

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Each statistic is tied to 2 or 3 like a player who is good at finishing also needs good composure and positioning to score others and it has lot of variables, all of which can affect the course of the match, for instance depending on his mental attributes encouraging a player can cause him to gain confidence and score the winning goal or become complacent and fail to intercept the pass that led to opposition's winning goal.

I've worked with excel spreadsheets that were less in-depth than FM. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. FelipeInside Follow Forum Posts: DanielDust Follow Forum Posts: I haven't played either for years, I did try the newer demos tho and imo: FIFA Manager is a game, it's fun, visually appealing, deep enough. Football Manager is a statistics simulator, it's not really fun, it's extremely simplistic and boring looking, the only place it shines and the reason people prefer it more than FIFA Manager, it's extremely deep statistically.

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I ain't looking for deep statistics Thanks for the input DD. Jacanuk Follow Forum Posts: Thanks for the info J. I'm worried what you said about the smaller database. Having played FIFA every year, they have lots of players there, so why is the database smaller? A couple of questions if you guys know: If you want to run the entire club then FIFA is for you.

Looks like FIFA is for me. As in I start with low offers and then get better offers depending on how I went. What do you mean control the club? Because nope your hired as the manager of the club, you can however choose to let the assistent coach set the lineups but you will still be in control during matches and be the one fired if it goes badly: D i cant remember if its still possible to play the games in FIFA 12 if you have that also, but it used to be.

I havent got the latest fifa on pc so dont have the option here. And yes you can start as a new trainer, you choose the leagues you want to be playable and the game randomly pick 3 bottom division clubs in any of the leagues you have chosen. My question sound weird I see. The coach takes care of all that. Fifa Manager sucks Yep, the Demo has some restrictions so its possible Argentina has some teams taken out there.

So if you play in Argentina then you will be the coach but will still control everything in the club. But i would suggest you try the game, but i can see from your post that it would be pointless. Fanboi is a Fanboi ;.

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D Thanks. And ya there is a lot of options and windows, but EA have done a great job with the front desk view where you can choose what you want to have a shown in the side. FelipeInside At any time you can choose to pause the game and go into the teamview and decided to make a substitution or chance the formation, in text-view you can pause and do the same, in instant you cant choose anything.

I'm so confused now, lol. I see there are fans for both series. I'm also downloading FM demo from Steam as we speak. Well, i have both and like both. Because they are not the same game in other then both revolve around Football As you have said you wanted to be in charge of the entire club, and not just coaching and what that includes, FIFA is the game for you. And one of the key arguments from fans of Football Manager about the AI which decides the outcome of matches and what you do is not accurate, FIFA manager has become pretty much equal to Football Managers recent releases.

So if you choose to buy Football Manager it should not be because your convinced by the database argument. But your right in one thing, i would download both demos and try them out. FelipeInside There are mods for FM Photos of almost every damn player in the database. Real kits for the teams in the major leagues of the planet. And many more: P You can start looking for what you need here http: FelipeInside I dont think so P Thanks again.

That website is perfectly clear on what it is offering. Shame there isn't a megapack that installs everything. Jacanuk Eh? I haven't tried this years fifa I gave up on it as FM is or was way ahead so my view may be out dated, The player created DB though from the 12th tier of English football and bringing them to the champions league is what I count as building a club.