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Powder Springs Mac, ACP Sub Machine Gun

Test fired, cleaned and ready for sale. This MAC Gun is stock and includes 2. Black Oxide Length, with 6-inch mm barrel- Polygonal rifling right-hand twist - 1 turn in 19 inches This gun is new and has all the extras that you are looking for while saving on costs and shipping expenses. Contact us with any questions.

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Port-Said, Akaba. Tallinn Arsenal. Lanchester Mk. Sola Super, Leger. However, it has since become universally accepted as the "MAC" and nothing more. Their joint venture and flagship product was to become the MAC with the ultimate hope being quantitative sales to the US military during the ongoing Vietnam War. To the casual observer, the MAC showcased a design not unlike the Israeli-made UZI series as well as other submachine guns that have mimicked this general design layout.

The submachine gun was characterized by a rectangular receiver fitting a simple straight pistol grip that doubled as the magazine feed. There was a rounded-rectangle trigger ring ahead of the pistol grip and below the forward portion of the receiver. The safety catch was set to the right of the trigger guard.

The US Air Force Still Has At Least One MAC-10 Submachine Gun

Construction was of steel stampings and the bolt was of a wrap-around - or telescoping - design, essentially "wrapping around" the barrel and allowing the MAC to achieve such a short receiver length and thus remain a compact weapon system. These design elements made for a steady gun platform, concentrating the firing action balance just over the pistol grip. The cocking handle was situated along the stop of the receiver and accessible by either hand. Interestingly, there was a notch cut through the handle to ensure an unfettered line-of-sight between the operator, the weapon and his target.


The cocking handle also doubled as a safety for it could be turned in a degree action to lock the bolt and serve as a visual indicator that the weapon was made safe and unready to fire. The firing action was accomplished through an open bolt, blow-back operated design.

A rather large ejection port opening was fitted along the right side of the receiver, corresponding to the placement of the magazine beneath it. A short sling could be attached to a hook at the front panel of the receiver. The base MAC model was chambered to fire the powerful man-stopping. Muzzle velocity was rated at feet per second with the heavy bullet and rate-of-fire was an impressive 1, rounds per minute.