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Clicking on a cross-reference would jump there; clicking on an external link would command the default browser to do the obvious thing. They are just the same except that the latter file is twice the size. But if ordinary words have been made into a link, it is formatted as a link but is inactive. Google suggests that this is a long-standing bug. Neither appeal. That suggests that the problem is in Word rather than in the PDF printer driver. Please, gentle experts of Windows Secrets, have you any ideas about pushing Word into doing this right?

What I should have done is create some examples. I note from your links that this behaviour appears to be patchy - some can get it to work whilst others cant. Not having a Mac to experiment on I can't begin to hypothesise on why this might be. Does a similar thing exist on the Mac version that allows you to specify the hyperlinks remain active?

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I myself use Adobe Acrobat so I haven't explored the cheaper options but there are numerous. If Word for Mac is really incapable of exporting links to PDF then I would expect a third party tool to exist that solves this problem. The reported behaviour might not have been intermittent. I suspect that having the URL in the text in the form http: That is the behaviour that happens on my Mac, and consistently. Further, the PostScript lacks the commands to add the links. Hence my blaming Microsoft, leading to my asking on this forum.

Try the following: Not sure if your links will work in a PDF file which is generated in this way. Sorry that I'm not able to test it before suggesting it -- I don't have a Mac available. Read the comments at the link I posted above -- lots of good info there. Last edited by mrjimphelps; at Originally Posted by mrjimphelps.

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I opened the file in Word on Windows 8. Last edited by Berton; at Thank you. I'll do that next but here is a cleaned-up version from Word [nearly same as Word on Mac]: See if this helps: Originally Posted by Berton. This is what I got: Untitled 1.

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Hope to have helped a bit. Go to the free file conversion web site Zamzar. Follow their four-step process to upload and convert your Word document to pdf. Apple Pages retain hyperlinks. You can help get the attention of Microsoft about this issue. Fill out the form and submit. Note that you can only choose one product to report on at a time. Repeat the feedback by selecting each of the other MS Office applications. Page content loaded. Apr 17, 6: I am having the same problem. I have to go to Windows in order to get a proper handling of hyperlinks using Adobe Acrobat: I do not understand why Apple and Adobe do not rapidly and permanently fix this problem, which does not seem like a difficult one, but is very annoying for Mac users!

May 9, 4: I too am having this issue, and it is a big one for me, as I work as a technical writer and the manuals I create have to be converted to pdf files for the client. I have seen so many posts about this issue it seems absolutely crazy that no-one has addressed it. I'm about to install Parallels just so I can run Office in Windows and maintain my hyperlink and TOC functionality, but this seems nuts. May 13, 9: Mar 29, 5: I beg to differ. Links in Pages 5.

This problem lies squarely in Apple's domain. Mar 29, 7: The comments about PDFs refers to Pages 4. Pages 5. But thanks for the information about Pages 5. Apple's been slowly adding capabilities to Pages 5 since it was released, but it appears that this helpful feature which was present in Pages 4 has yet to be added to Pages 5. Let's hope it's on their list to be included in the future.

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Aug 6, 4: I recently encountered this annoying problem. A solution that I have found is that with the latest August update to Word for iPad if you email a document as a pdf then the generated PDF has all the links in place and it keeps the formatting in tact.

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I seem to have posted too soon. It appears that links only work using the Word for iPad pdf export if the text is the same as the url.

So if the text says www. However, if you edit the display text to just show "link" then the hyperlink is lost when you email the pdf. Both links appear the same in Word for the iPad. Subtle but frustrating. Aug 6, 6: This has been a long standing issue with Acrobat Pro. However, then all of the graphic elements get reduced high JPEG compression. Once saved out of Safari or any other source as an OS X generated PDF, then I can open the document in Acrobat Pro and add security, optimize the size, or whatever else and the links are maintained. But the links will not generate in the original PDF output through the Adobe choices.

I've also looked it up on Adobe's site where many users have looked for an answer on the same subject. So far, there is no solution. At least none that I've found. Aug 13, 1: It really works quite well. Aug 13, 2: