What is my computers name mac

I forgot about the padlock. Thanks M1XC, you were a great help. Click the lock icon in the lower-left side of the window. You might be asked for the password… and voila! I have a macbook pro I had to explain to the guy on the phone that when you name your computer, the name is permanent! Because clearly the genius and the Apple care guy on the phone cannot.

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Renaming your home folder is surprisingly easy. You can literally select it in Finder, click return, and overtype it. Do not do this, however! Doing so will result in a new user account being created the next time the computer is started. This is clearly not what you are after. I did a quick search, which led to an article which linked to two useful pages. The first, http: The second, http: David, thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just got my new MacBook Pro yesterday. I am currently living in Vietnam, the guys at the computer store wanted to setup my computer for me, and they misspelled my name when setting it up!!!!

I was so angry, they told me they would fix it and I would lose my data that I was up until 5: I nervously followed them on my 1 day old Mac, and voila!!! Everything worked out perfectly!! Thanks again for the great instructions. I am a newbee myself but If you want to change the short name in Finder you probably should follow these intructions: Thank you so much for putting this out there. I love you.

God bless.. I had a Macbook air which had that screensaver, but I always wondered why does it still show up that name and how do i change it? I tried the hostname command and that changes the name. But after a reboot it all looks as it was before. Check if your hostname has spaces in it.

Mine did and would print out a string of numbers in the terminal. It is driving me insane because i get a new computer name everyday when I connect to the internet, and none of my home networking stuff is working. I really appreciate the website I credit the administration oxdaily. Thank you! Now how to I change the Itunes name?

Okay that was quite easy. This seems to change the hostname in the terminal and your System Preferences. I can connect from other computers on my home network fine using the new hostname.

How to Change a Mac Computer Name

I changed my hostname on the hub manually, although everything worked without me doing that which is why I think it uses the MAC address for previously connected computers? Anyone know?

Please only try this if you have another computer nearby that you can use to get back on the internet and work out how to undo what you did, or use scutil to revert to your previous settings ie write down your old hostname, or save it in a file somewhere, along with the 4 commands above.

NB scutil —get HostName returned nothing before I set it, to revert to your previous settings it may be sensible to set it to an empty string. Sorry strange font here — there should be two minus signs before get or set — ie: No space between them. For those of […]. So I just reinstalled my macbook pro snow leopard and typed in the wrong name on my harddrive. Is there a way to rename it without reinstalling again?

How to Change Your Computer's Name on a Mac: 8 Steps

So annoying to see the misspelled name in finder all the time! Thanks a ton!! Your answer was intelligent. I went some where else it said Enter a new name at the top! Sadly this was no help. P Thanks again!! It doesnt allow me to type it. How can this be done? Systeem naam SL veranderen Wellicht zal dit helpen: Thanks for the tip. I am not tech savvy. Anyway, how do I change it from automatically filling in addresses and phone numbers? Does that make sense?

Find your computer’s name and network address on Mac

Hi, I have 2 macs at home, an iMac and a MacMini, which are also the network names I gave them, no problem here. Now, after a few days, I get a message on the Mac Mini saying: What to do?? Any way to change that name? See this article from the apple kb — http: As per the article, the easiest and recommended way to do that, is to create a new user account admin or regular depending on needs and then transfer all users folder items to the new user folder.

My original user is now not what comes up after I retarted my computer. All my files are still available but most are duplicates. How do I fix this problem?

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Thanks for the help! Hello, Just want to thank you for all tips and information that help me so much with my Mac. I find anything and everything here, this site is really Great — you rock! Thanks and helped me change it. Before now i have looked up all the items in System preferences except Sharing thinking its not gonna be there.

How to change your mac computers name: Mac Tip

Thanks, its very helpful. Very good post, simple and easy to understand. Im a tech guy, and I know its hard to explain stuff, but this was really good and helpful! Good job!

How to Find Computer Name on Windows and Mac OS

I changed my computer name in Sharing and accounts. I checked my computer name in Terminal systemsetup -getcomputername and all of that has the correct name. However, when I use my laptop to turn on a wifi hotspot the name on the wifi for my iPad to connect to is my full name, and so anyone close can see that when they search for wifi. Any ideas? That bugged me because I only own one such machine.

I asked about getting rid of the: Two people there told me that the name computer name can not be changed. The output of both commands is the same and requires a suffix of. It appears impossible to directly change the NetBIOS name permanently through either System Preferences or the command line with any changes not surviving a reboot.

How to change the name of your Mac

This perhaps oversimplified flow chart is my amateurish stab at how the system appears to derive the NetBIOS name from the Bonjour name:. Following this logic the table below shows 3 Bonjour names of differing length and the NetBIOS name derived from them. For defaults , in Terminal type:.

One of these interfaces will be for the Wi-Fi port the other for the Ethernet port. Which interface is used for which port is decided by your Mac and which interface has your network IP address is ultimately determined by if your Mac connects to your Network wirelessly or by Ethernet. For scutil , in Terminal type:. Ollie says: March 16, at 5: April 23, at 2: David Chambers says: April 28, at 6: Scott Dean says: December 15, at 9: Erik says: May 1, at My Mac Life: Day 6 Leo Newball, Jr. May 11, at 6: Samantha says: June 22, at 8: Joey says: April 20, at 8: July 17, at 4: Mark Eagle says: November 15, at 2: Bob says: November 21, at 4: Brennan says: December 23, at 1: Emilio says: January 9, at 6: Anders says: January 14, at 1: Ricardo says: August 1, at 9: Cameron says: February 16, at 2: February 18, at 8: April 4, at 2: Tanu says: April 9, at 1: Jon Craig photography says: April 12, at Izwan Adzman says: April 12, at 2: Martin says: May 11, at 7: June 15, at 7: ShinyStarlet says: July 10, at 1: July 14, at 8: Nishant says: August 12, at August 26, at 8: September 6, at 4: Alx says: October 1, at 4: Jeremy says: October 26, at Kar says: October 28, at 3: December 4, at Scott says: October 14, at BBG Budget, Model veranderen hoe moet dit??

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