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The list below is the steps to check whether the printer is connected to the computer or not. It is also important to make sure that your HP LaserJet printer is working or not before printing something. So, here is the way to see whether your printer is working or not. Printing a test page is one of the solutions. How do I know which Platen Gap setting is selected on my product? How do I attach the rear sheet guide that came with my product? How can I set the date and time on my product?

Why are only matte media types displayed in the driver's media list? What are the minimum and maximum User-Defined paper sizes I can select?

Apple HP Printer Driver 5.1 for Mac OS

How do I update the firmware on my product's main board and the built-in network port? Why should I use the Matte Black mode?

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What does the Common Updater 7. How do I uninstall and reinstall my printer driver in OS X Where can I get the latest Epson Communication driver for my printer? I can't find the Fine Art paper option in Windows. How do I print a nozzle check pattern from the printer's control panel? How do I uninstall and reinstall the printer driver in Windows? How do I save my printer driver presets so I can restore them after I reinstall the Epson printer driver in Windows? Where are the ICC profiles for my printer located on my Mac? My print job disappears from the Windows print queue and does not print.

Does Epson make drivers for the Unix or Linux platforms? Select the questions to view the answers Is an extended warranty available for my product? What is the size of my product with all the covers closed? How many nozzles does the print head have? What are the Auto Expand values for borderless printing? Which interfaces does my product support? How do I get service for my product I purchased in another country? Is there my product cover available for my product?

What is the maximum USB cable length I can use to connect my product? What are the dimensions and weight of my product? What is my product's maximum print resolution? How does the High Speed setting in my product driver work? Which covers must be open during printing?

What is the size of my product with all the covers and paper trays extended? Does Epson have a program where I can donate my working electronic equipment? Manuals and Warranty. User's Guide PDF This document contains an overview of the product, specifications, basic and in-depth usage instructions, and information on using options. Product Brochure PDF This document gives an overview of the product as well as technical specifications, available options and warranty information. Safety Data Sheets Safety Data Sheets provide important information about ink cartridge composition, precautions for safe handling and use, regulatory considerations, and more.

Part Number: Register Your Product To register your new product, click the button below. Register Now. Contact Us. Warranty Verification Verify your Epson product warranty. Verify Your Warranty. Find a Location. Chat With Us To chat with a technical service agent, click the button below. Give them feedback? Don't assume that we haven't left feedback! Again, talk here does not mean we have not done other things to address the issue.

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I didn't want to make any assumptions hence my post. Feel free discuss away. Hopefully whatever solution here is short lived because HP will have provided Apple with an updated driver package. I'm just coming from a phone call with HP Support. They will escalate this to 2nd level of the Software Development.

HP LaserJet 3380 All-in-One

If there comes nothing usable, this means to me, that we will have to say bye bye to HP. FYI Xerox is doing the same thing but after the first machine installs via a installer you can find the. Here ist the Answer from HP Support. They responded: There ist no possibility to get the Driver Package. So it seems to be time to say bye bye to HP Support Hotlines: Open that folder in finder, and then crank up the Easy Start Software and get the drivers downloading.

As soon as it's finished downloading, and starts installing, copy the package file from that folder and deploy. I noticed that Apple recently updated their HP driver package to version 5. I just released it on my SUS last week. But this new.

HP LaserJet Printer Mac Drivers

Thanks dstranathan for the heads up on that. Odd that they omitted that driver, but I've also seen others brands too where an older model seems to still do the trick so I assume that maybe there's no changes that need addressing - even though it's always nicer to match numbers.

Ain't got time for that! Boy - That was a lot of fun.

Took almost an hour to navigate thier vast sprawl of portals and sites and forms to submit a ticket. HP has no desire to talk to their customers. The most recent possibly final? Aug 30, HP finally had a tier 2 supprt rep contact me after days of trying to ditch me. He sent me this FTP link. Still not exaclty what I was hoping for not comprehensive , but certainly better than the HP Easy Start app.

Apple has decided to discontinue printer driver update through Apple Software Updates. Vendors will now be required to supply their own install bundles to users. ASU support officially ended this month, but Apple has not been allowing new devices to be added for several months. We did one last update to v. This is the package for all the Postscript Printers only. The package from Apple included all HP Devices.

If you need device specific installer let me know to try to braek down the install package for you. HP Business Inkjet Thanks for the FTP link. Downloading v5. I sent an email to a couple people at HP after getting no help on this over the phone the other day about this backward shift in HP driver distribution. Will report if and when I hear something. I got tired of waiting for this to be sorted out as per dstranathan , so I created a weekly Jenkins job that runs an automator workflow that mounts the ftp and runs a rsync to a folder.

Hopefully HP will get back to aporlebeke with something definitive. If I added the printer in Casper admin, does that also capture the driver of that pkg? Absolem You will still need to upload the driver PKG and push it to your machines before installing your printer s. All that Casper Admin does is point to the correct driver for the configured printer. If the driver isn't installed it will still install your printer but be configured with the generic printer driver.

I gave up on doing printers through Casper admin long ago because it never did point to the correct driver after capture Once I learned how to configure through a command line statement I not only made deploying printers easier in that regard but it also allowed me to move to domain based printing from ipp and lpd. When I tried capturing through Casper admin and then would deploy it, the print jobs would hang. At any rate I'm now a proponent of doing printer installs with a simple one line script.

No capturing necessary but, yes, I still need to install the pkg on the station so the driver is there. Haven't had any issues yet. If I went into JSS and looked there, it would always be configured for generic. The printers worked and no one complained but in my environment some users would rather complain than report issues so I didn't like deploying them like that.

Like I said though it helped move things along to run printing through our domain print servers so that printing could be audited.

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It worked out best this way in the end. Some day maybe I'll come back and check it out again. It might make it easier for the non-Mac folks if I'm not around. Well, that's good to know. Thanks for mentioning that. It's entirely possible that was the exact case back then. I was still pretty young at knowing some of the ins and outs to supporting OSX. Are you deploying printers that print through active directory print servers? If you have that working too, I'm somewhat intrigued just for the fact that printer deployment might be more understandable like that by those who don't have their head buried in Macs and scripting.

In my printer config I choose Line Printer Daemon as the protocol and then enter the IP address of the print server in the Address field.