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It supports audio and video transmission too, so you can talk as you help.

3 easy ways to share a Mac's screen, great for long-distance tech support | Macworld

The free version also lets you transfer files between the two devices, making it easy to access anything, anywhere. The free account supports only a 1: The AnyDesk premium paid plans let you increase this capacity. LiteManager is the most powerful of these free remote access tools. LiteManager has two different programs to install, on the server side and the viewer side. The viewer can access up to 30 PCs in the free version, and even more with the paid version. This makes LiteManager ideal for IT managers of small teams.

One answer is to use Wine, but while it can be very useful, it probably should only be your last resort. Here's why. LiteManager also has a QuickSupport mode for no-installation connections. The main program is better for system administrators. No other free remote desktop tool supports so many PCs at a time. This makes LiteManager unique and a fantastic tool for a system administrator. Plus, it has almost every feature you can think of, like file transfers, drag-and-drop simplicity, event logs, and more. For admins, the only thing lacking in the free version is ticketing and a screen recorder.

Use these free tools to share screens or gain remote access to another computer. And it connects to many computers simultaneously. But it supports only Windows computers, while mobile apps only let you act as viewer. So if 10 is enough for you, you get all the features of a premium program for free. There are some excellent features in the free version of Remote Utilities that other programs offer in their paid versions only.

How to Setup Screen Sharing Between Two Mac Computers

For example, you get Address Book syncing, which is invaluable in a small office. That is really the only negative of this program. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux and is an excellent program for working in teams.

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  5. ​Teamviewer.

Lots of great helpful features and multi-person connection makes it great for teams. No time restriction. Code in program cannot be copied and pasted, nor can the window be resized. Also note that each time the icon for the program is clicked a new window is created. I had to manually close out each one in the system tray.

Like previously stated, Mikogo is great for groups of people, but it also can be used as a one-on-one tool. Although, it may be a little overkill to use to just help someone with their computer. ShowMyPC is certainly not my favorite. MingleView is a Windows based screen sharing program which is completely free and has no premium package upgrade.

Feature-wise MingleView stands out quite nicely. As you can see in the list above, it allows unlimited participants and meeting hosting. It claims to have the highest screen quality offered. The peer to peer connection is secure and built over SSL. That said, the fact that it has the features that it has and is free is impressive and is certainly the one to go with if you are planning to host a large viewing party, just make sure you have Windows.

Out of 5 stars I would give MingleView a 3 star rating. ScreenLeap is completely web-based too and also only does screen sharing. However, I would have to say that out of all the web-based interfaces, ScreenLeap looks and works the nicest. But the main feature that it has is its ability to share the session several ways.

You can also type in the email address or phone number that you wish to send the code to. Very simple and straightforward. You also have the option to share different windows or the entire screen. It does. I highly recommend it for simply sharing your screen and would give it a 4. SkyFex is an online remote access service.

Aside for the non-free customization features, the web application itself is quite nice. The page is clean and simple. There is the option to add additional computers to be associated with the account. There are also several ways to connect with the client, either by ID, sending the link directly to the client or by email invitation. While the session is running you have access to several tools such as system information, remote control, sending files, remote reboot, sharing your desktop, chat, and full screen mode.

SkyFex has some great features within its free model. From remote control to seeing system info, you are surely to be satisfied with it. For one, you are only given a 30 minute window of time per session. Hopefully they trust your better judgment. Overall, SkyFex seems like an excellent tool. One great advantage that SkyFex has over a local program is that you can access this anywhere simply by signing in.

I give SkyFex a 4. Yugma SE For Skype is a screen sharing and conferencing application.

Screen Sharing has never been so easy

The Skype integration allows you as the presenter to import the contacts, allowing you to easily invite people right from the list. There is a vast amount of features from being able to switch presenters, have a telephone conference via Skype, schedule meetings and use annotation and whiteboard tools. The annotation is an excellent feature, and one of the highlights. It is a solid program with an easy to use interface that is not only intuitive, but productive as well and that is very important in a professional setting.

Making the connection

The entire website as a whole is easy to navigate. It's now easier than ever to personalize your join. Here's a quick tour to get you started making join. Claim your own personalized URL. Customize your meeting background. Try join. Better audio. One Click Screen Sharing. Personalize join. Join Meeting Join. We use cookies to help give you the best experience. In order to get that kind of work done people turn to a variety of screen sharing and remote control software. The available products differ greatly in what they do and what they're good at.

Here's a rundown of 10 of them. First up is TeamViewer , one of the most well known free screen sharing programs available. There are TeamViewer clients available for most every operating system under the sun, and even a web interface for connecting to meetings without a download. TeamViewer is flexible, allowing for both remote control sessions and hosted meetings.

Google's screen sharing and video calling system, called Hangouts , is an in-browser option that is easy for even novice computer users to handle. You already have access if you have a Google account, and it's free to video conference and share your screen with up to 10 people. Hangouts is mainly a video calling and presentation app, but you can also remotely connect to another user's computer while in a video call. This makes Google Hangouts valuable for support and collaboration too. Mikogo is designed to be an all-in-one video conferencing, screen sharing, and collaboration platform.

It features the ability to turn presentations over to other users and share only specific windows on your computer.

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  • It even has a virtual whiteboard that allows you to mark up your screen. Unfortunately a lot of those outstanding features are only available for premium subscribers. The free version only lets you do the most basic of screen sharing tasks--and only with one other machine.

    Mikogo is free for viewers, though. Presentations can be watched from the web without a single download.