Application install mac os x lion quit unexpectedly

I'm running steam on my old macbook 4,1 and it's been working fine on osx I know on the requirements it said osx Any help would be appreciated here's the error report: Showing 1 - 10 of 10 comments.

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Cathulhu View Profile View Posts. Actually, it says: Intel Mac, OS X version Unfortunately I cant upgrade past Unsupported means unsupported. A program may continue to work, but it is not tested or will it be fixed if it no longer works on that platform. So far you were lucky, your luck has run out. How to download and install or uninstall Office for Mac. Last Updated: Did this solve your problem? Yes No.

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Ireland - English. Italia - Italiano. Malaysia - English. Nederland - Nederlands. Make sure your MBP has all the latest updates, even for third-party applications. Developers write applications to avoid errors like you're encountering.

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There are other potential solutions to this message, but begin with these four. Post if this was successful or not. Boot in safe mode , then reboot again. This clears out a few caches among other things. These are some initial diagnostic steps. Depending on what these results are will determine what to do next.

How to fix a crashing app after the macOS upgrade

Feb 28, 5: The message indicates that a relatively serious error has occurred, eg, the application has tried to read data from a non-existent memory address. Errors occur all the time, and their causes vary from software bugs to hardware problems; most of them are not serious enough to cause an app to crash, but some are. Occasional app crashing is a normal part of using a computer, because all software has bugs when I was in school, the average figure quoted to us was 1 error for every lines of code.

But if specific apps crash on a regular basis, then you need to troubleshoot it. Under normal circumstances, the system specifically CrashReporter generates a report for such an event. You can see it immediately, or later with Console. Interpreting such a report is not a task for laypersons, but sometimes you may get an inkling of what's going on by looking at the type of 'exception' crash and what code libraries were loaded by the crashed thread.

Cure application crashes

Feb 28, 6: My comment may or may not be correct, but it's hard to tell because it seems the OP has disappeared. In any case, think we'd both agree that we need additional information in order to give a more complete answer. Any of the responses so far:. Feb 29, 9: If you want some help, contact the VirusBarrier researchers at Intego, who discovered the threat.

Solved: TV13 Quit Unexpectedly on OSX - TeamViewer Community -

Feb 29, 5: Don't scare the poor bloke needlessly. Skype or any other app crashing is not an indication of being infected with the Flashback trojan. There are other, more pertinent symptoms. Feb 29, 6: Actually, it is. Some of the first indications they had were of Skype crashes. If it cannot find the domain or says something else, it's OK.

Feb 29, 7: