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They just might be! Not to overdo the theme, but while we're on the subject of vintage, the Vintage Holiday Crafts web site has a small collection of cute and colorful vintage Halloween cards and postcards. You can turn the images into Halloween ecards, print them to use on Halloween party invitations, or incorporate them into crafts projects.

Although the cards feature witches, even the sternest of the bunch isn't very scary; the rest range from kindly to kids in costumes. Bats, cats, witches, ghosts, pumpkins, spiders, and haunted houses; you'll find all of these, and a few more, on eDigg. Images are about evenly divided between black-and-white and color. The eDigg. Click the "Victorian: This kid-friendly, colorful, and slightly whimsical collection of Halloween clip art by illustrator Phillip Martin is designed primarily for teachers and classroom use; they're also available for school newsletters, school web sites, and other non-profit use.

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Images are suitable for young children even the bats aren't scary , as well as slightly older kids. Halloween Icons for OS X. The images on the Kids' Turn Central web site are also designed for children. They're available for personal and educational use free in both cases , as well as commercial use small fee.

Some of the images are on the smallish side, but they're suitable for a variety of uses in print and on web sites. We especially liked the Vampire Bunny, the Halloween Teddies in costume, and the pumpkin faces. This integration works in such a way that for example, a photo taken by an iPhone is immediately available on other devices. As an organizer, Photos uses moments, which can be used to create collections and years. Moments are combinations of time and location metadata attached to the photo. Moreover, features such as face recognition, allow users to create groups by person, and many more.

The editing and organizing abilities are wonderfully complemented by themes, which enable users to create calendars, photo books and other creations. The app also includes tools for professional quality printings. On the downside, many Apple fans have criticized the absence of some features, which were available in the previous iPhoto and Aperture.

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Definitely, Photos must be included among the best photo editing software for Mac. Luminar is an all-in-one photo editor with excellent RAW editing capabilities. It is aimed at both beginners and professionals alike, thanks to its intuitive and customizable interface that has something for everyone. Other than providing advanced image editing tools like noise reduction and selective adjustments, Luminar contains 45 filters that are all geared to achieve professional-quality images in a single click.

These are paired with over 60 presets that can each be used as a base on top of which users can make their own adjustments. Luminar is also very quick at what it does, up to 6 times faster than other image editors of its calibre. As a result, Luminar is quickly becoming the preferred image editor for photographers at various levels of expertise. It is especially recommended if you are new to the world of photo editing and need something that lets you get to grips with advanced editing tools and allows you to take your editing to the next level when you are ready.

Fotor Online Photo Editor is packed with features that make creating beautiful images as easy as executing a few clicks on your computer.

Clipart or Stock Photos — What Do You Pick?

It is free to use and also offers a modestly priced Pro version with enhanced capabilities. Getting started with the photo editor requires you to sign up for a free account. Once that is complete, you have access to a wide variety of tools that enable you to edit your photos and design stunning collages and images using their large selection of templates.

You begin an editing session by importing the photograph of your choice from your computer, Dropbox, Facebook, or the Fotor Cloud. Within the editor, you can modify any aspect of the photo that you desire, including size, coloration, brightness, and contrast to name just a few. Taking advantage of the large selection of templates lets you easily create photo cards, invitations or leaflets. Add clip art to your creations and choose from hundreds of fonts to achieve the exact design you want. A great feature of this tool is the ability to beautify a photograph by taking actions like eliminating wrinkles and blemishes.

Mac Clipart:

Every drawing app feature and function is fully documented in our on-line User Guide. Design tutorials that cover a wide range of topics , such as adding special effects to your drawing. Most tutorials include free sample files. It has a large scale of features, it is extremely intuitive, very easy to master and very flexible.

Opening a Word document and adding ClipArt on a Mac computer.

I had a chance to create a number of illustrations… I used Artboard it seemed like and it was a simple task. Change objects through direct and numeric input.

Clip Art: How To Download Free iMac Clip Art

Get started quickly with over editable clip art and styles — plus a Library to store your own. Go way beyond simple fill and stroke. Straight forward styles stick with your drawing tools until you are ready to change them. Draw interesting shapes using direct controls, complimented by precise settings in the Geometry Tab.

Make your business card, design a report, export perfect iOS game graphics, and more without starting from scratch. Artboard is a great drawing program will tons of features. Wonderfully simple. I use a lot of vector based graphics programs and this is hands down the best! This is a Fun Fun App! Take advantage of every display connected to your Mac with the Multiple Displays support. Locate and organize your Artboard drawings quickly using the new Tags feature. Smart Tools.

Introducing Artboard 2 The vector graphics design app for creative people. Spend more time creating, less time trying to find elusive features.

Where is Clip Art in Word and PowerPoint 2016 for Mac?

Only What You Need. Everything within easy reach. Ultimate Control.