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The need for … rapid forward movement at an altitude of 35, feet? Then you came to the right place. Here are the seven best free flight simulators, from traditional flying sims to those that throw a bit of combat into the fray. Why let something like not being able to download a game get in the way of you enjoying a flight simulation? Setting the throttle and taking off for the first time is remarkably simple, and you can customize the controls quickly at any time, as well as pull up helpful instructions to aid you on your maiden voyage. The paid version of GeoFS does include better imagery with higher resolution, but the free version still supports massively multiplayer interaction.

A fun and free Vietnam-era combat flight simulator

These conditions are based on real-time data from Open Weather Map, so the rain or sleet you experience will be exactly what actual pilots are dealing with. GeoFS has a live map that keeps track of everyone in the air at any given moment.

Soaring above the African desert is truly beautiful, even when your plane is stalling out and you begin plummeting thousands of feet to your doom. And for just a few megabytes, who can really complain? Additional features, such as wind variables and a day-night component, can also be tweaked with relative ease. While you do so, the Atari-esque HUB delivers details on in-flight speeds, elevation, direction, and other essential information.

The most incredible aspect of the game, however, is its homespun history. Soji Yamakawa, aka Captain YS, created the simulator on his own as a university project in There are far more beautiful flight sims out there, but YSFlight keeps it simple and still welcoming. FlightGear is the undisputed champ when it comes to advanced settings and pure, unrestricted customization.

Old-school civilian flight sims

More recent updates have brought the program up to current computing standards. However, quality and customization come at a price: The software is the most resource-intensive option on our list. FlightGear is consistently praised for its ongoing dedication on the part of the development community and its realism, earning high marks for everything from the overall flight controls to minute details such as lighting.

Top 5 Best Flight Simulator In 2018

And while it may be big, bulky, and full of high-flying muscle, the abundance of user-curated documentation and stellar support functions are enough to keep any newcomer afloat. The game features more than 3, different airports, all meticulously detailed with hangers and terminal buildings. The blade element theory is often used to pre-compute aerodynamic forces for simulations that have not been run.

X-Plane is incredibly detailed, with little touches such as detailed weather modeling and the potential for system failures.

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Users can also pilot anything from a B-2 Bomber to a space shuttle, and there are hundreds of additional aircraft available via both freemium and premium add-ons. X-Plane can be a bear at first, but you will be doing barrel rolls with a little practice. And a plane that can do barrel rolls. If you prefer to play on the go, X-Plane 10 is available on iOS and Android, and older versions of the software are available to purchase as downloads or USB sticks.

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See discussion Is Warbirds really the best app in Simulation category? See discussion Will Warbirds work good on macOS See discussion. This multiplayer WWII combat flight simulator demo uses declassified WWII flight test data and incorporates true six-degree-of-freedom force-based flight modeling, giving the aircraft a realistic feel. The player can fly in aerial combat missions against other players from all over the world. Similar Software. No similar apps have been recommended yet. You can add your suggestions to the right.

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