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It is the result of a joint effort between Adobe and Microsoft. OpenType fonts contain the screen and printer font data in one component. OTF has several exclusive capabilities, including support for multiple platforms and expanded character sets. OTF fonts can be used by Macintosh and Windows operating systems. OTF also permits storage of up to 65, characters.

This additional space gives designers the freedom to include add-ons such as small caps, old style figures, alternate characters and other extras that previously had to be distributed as separate fonts. EOT fonts were designed by Microsoft to be fonts used on the web. Compression and subsetting make the font files smaller.

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Subsetting provides some copyright protection, but EOT also uses encryption for further protection. Sounds promising? It was created to live on the web.

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Because fonts are compressed, they load faster. Metadata allows for the inclusion of license data within the font file to address copyright issues. Because it still just a recommended upgrade, it does not have the wide support of WOFF. These fonts contain the glyph outlines as standard SVG elements and attributes as if they were a single vector object in the SVG image. The greatest drawback to SVG fonts is the lack of font-hinting. Font hinting is extra information embedded to render small font sizes with quality and legibility.

Also, SVG is not great for body text. Since text selection is broken on Safari, Safari Mobile, and Chrome, you cannot select individual characters, words, or any custom selection. You can only select the whole row or paragraph of text. This is the only file format allowed by version 4. As you can see, there are many factors that may affect the rendering of your web fonts. To provide quality and consistency, it is crucial to test thoroughly on all possible OS and browser combinations. Download now!

Like which type is used on an android phone for example. These days this point is just as important as covering Microsoft, Apple and Adobe. TTF as a file extension tends to be used to indicate that the font is made of "Truetype" glyph outlines also known as sfnt or simply quadratic bezier curves whereas OTF tends to be used to indicate that they are PostScript curves i. Now, for which one to go with: OpenType-compatible font renderer is compatible with both cubic and cuadratic curve outlines, and pretty much any serious font creation program uses cubic bezier curves by default and downgrades them to quadratic which is a lossy even if at an imperceptible degree when exporting as TTF, so there is little reason to go with TTF when an OTF counterpart exists.

There is one additional potential catch with TTF. So while a TTF font might potentially be as fully featured as an OTF font, it is difficult to know if those features are actually OpenType-compatible although, again, AAT and Graphite fonts are very rare and at any rate its curves are probably a lossy downconversion from the ones in the OTF version.

That's like saying HTML 1. A subset can never be equal to a superset that contains it. Your statement that a TTF font might be as fully-featured as an OTF font is only true if the OTF font in question makes very little use of it's inherent extra capabilities. That is to say, that would be the case if no one bothered to take advantage of any of the extra capabilities, but then what would be the point?

I repeat: The file extension naming scheme that OpenType decided on is admittedly unfortunate, and it does lead many people to asume that. OTF is used to denote that a font file is OpenType as opposed to.

How to add fonts to mac in 2018! Installing fonts on your macbook using font book

Nowadays, that is just not what the file extensions express. OpenType, which was created to phase out those two formats, supports both types of outlines: That is what the file extension sort-of tries to hint at: So, to back up: As a consequence, you have no way of knowing just by the file extension being TTF which of those four formats a font is, and consequently, how feature rich or feature less the font is. AAT and Graphite are rare enough, though, that you can asume that any vendor offering TTF files does so in neither of those two rarer formats unless it specifically says so.

The same with OTF: But OTF does not imply anything about the feature-richness or richlessness of the font. So, then, to go back to the title of the post: Having come to the realization that both OTF and TTF fonts can have exactly the same typographical features because now you have realized, have you not? So I bet most fonts are originally made with cubic outlines, and only automatically "dumbed down" to quadratic when the author tells the software to export to TTF, operation which introduces imperceptible alterations to the outlines but then some nonetheless.

Now, if pretty much any system that supports Opentype, and therefore supports the same features in OTF files as in TTF of the OpenType type files, why would an author that created the font with Postcript outlines even output both formats at all, instead of only OTF, if both are in practice identical?

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My suspicion is that most font authors are as confused as you as to the actual meaning of TTF and what actually happens when they tell the software to create a font in that format as opposed to choosing OTF after all, they do not need to know this at all to be extraordinary font creators and the nomenclature can be as misleading to them as it is to most people. The… funny? I now watched after I wrote my two replies and was surprised to see that it says the same as I did almost word for word.

The main difference is that TTF has glyphs, OTF has the first byte on a font is used for other stuffs such as font information. OTF is good to avoid compatibility problems between Mac and Windows. Congratulations for the great review! Thank you so much, this completely explained and answered my question. I use Design Space with my Cricut Explore and some of my fonts have the glyphs and swashes so OTF will be my choice from now on if available.

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Thank you again. Both programs have the ability to create outlines and expand the appearance of the type so that they are malleable shapes rather than just regular text.

However, many can argue that InDesign is useless because with illustrator you can do everything the exact same, and end with complete vectors. InDesign is very useful when creating documents with a lot of type. I really like the two programs. Excellent article! Very informative; thank you. Grumble, grumble. You're stupid. Why would your dislike of a company affect your choice of a jointly-created file format that offers more functionality than the other?

Why call someone stupid twice just because you can't handle someone's opinion? You seem rude and thats worse than stupid For my graphic design needs, I use a Microsoft program from many years ago that I find far easier to use than programs like The Gimp. Program compatibility is therefore a consideration when deciding between the two. Top Deals.

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