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The PlayStation version requires the speech. In addition, the Windows and Macintosh versions require a music subdirectory with all of the files from the music subdirectories on both CDs. Some of these files appear on both CDs, but in these cases they are either identical or, in one case, so nearly identical that it makes little difference. The PlayStation version requires tunes. Actually, a few of them may not be strictly necessary, but the ones that I'm uncertain about are all fairly small. You will need to rename the speech.

Any other files that appear in both cluster directories are identical. Use whichever you like. In addition, you will need the cd. The cutscenes for the Broken Sword games have a bit of a history see the next section, if you are interested , but in general all you need to do is to copy the. You can put them in a subdirectory called "video" if you find that neater.

For the PlayStation versions, you can dump the original videos off the disc. For each of the files ending in an "STR" extension, you should dump them as raw sectors off the disc all bytes per sector. You may also use the re-encoded cutscenes mentioned below instead, but this will not work for all videos in Broken Sword II.

For more information, see:. Some re-releases of the games, as well as the PlayStation version, do not have Smacker videos. Revolution Software has kindly allowed us to provide re-encoded cutscenes for download on our website:.

Backyard Baseball '09 - Dolphin Emulator 5.0-8490 [1080p HD] - Nintendo Wii

Their quality is equal to the original games due to the use of lossless compression. For Broken Sword, we also provide a subtitles add-on. Simply unpack it and follow the instructions in its readme. The subtitle pack currently does not work when running PlayStation videos. Broken Sword II already has subtitles; no extra work is needed for them. As RAD was unwilling to open the older legacy versions of this format to us, and had requested we not reverse engineer it, an alternative solution had to be found.

In Broken Sword II, it was possible to play back the voice-over without playing the video itself. This remained a fallback until ScummVM 1. In ScummVM 0.

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This gave us a way of providing the cutscenes in the exact same quality as the originals, at the cost of being larger. Finally, in early , the Smacker format was reverse engineered for the FFmpeg project. Thanks to their hard work, ScummVM 1. At the same time, MPEG support was dropped. From a technical standpoint, this was a good thing since decoding MPEG movies added a lot of complexity, and they didn't look as good as the Smacker and DXA versions anyway. At one point in the game, you come across a computer that allows you to play the original Maniac Mansion as an easter egg.

ScummVM supports this, with a few caveats:. ScummVM will scan your configuration file for a game that's in a Maniac sub-folder of your Day of the Tentacle folder. If you've copied the data files from the CD version, this should already be the case but you have to add the game to ScummVM as well. This means that you could in theory use any game as the easter egg. Be aware, though, that not all games support returning to the launcher, and setting it up to use Day of the Tentacle itself as the easter egg game is not recommended.

There are 4 language variants of the game: Czech, English, Polish and German. Each of them is distributed in a separate archive. The only official version is the Czech one, and the English, Polish and German ports have always been work in progress and never officially released. Although all texts are fully translated, it is known that some of them contain typos.

There exists an optional Czech dubbing for the game. For bandwidth reasons, you can download it separately and then unpack it to the directory of the game. You can listen to the Czech dubbing with all language variants of the game, while reading the subtitles. Only the original non-freeware version of Flight of the Amazon Queen from original CD , requires the queen.

The CD versions of the Gobliiins series contain one big audio track which you need to rip see the section on using compressed audio files and copy into the game directory if you want to have in-game music without the CD in the drive all the time. The speech is also in that track and its volume is therefore changed with the music volume control as well.

If you're on a PC then consult:. Note that you have to put the speech data "Inherit the Earth Voices" in the same directory as the game data which is stored in:. For the old Mac OS 9 release you need to copy the files in MacBinary format, as they should include both resource and data forks. There is extensive mouse support for the game under ScummVM, even though there wasn't any mouse support in the original game. Menu items can be selected using the mouse, and it is possible to move to other locations using the mouse as well.

When the mouse cursor is hovered on the edges of the screen, it changes color to red if it is possible to walk towards that direction. The player can then simply click on the edges of the game's screen to change location, similar to many adventure games, which is simpler and more straightforward than moving around using the menu. Whichever you choose, the tracks of the first CD should be named from track02 to track31, whereas the second CD's audio tracks should be encoded and renamed as track32 through to track For the GOG Might and Magic installation, install the game to your computer, and do the following steps:.

Savegames from either Clouds or Darkside of Xeen games can be transferred across to World of Xeen that combines both games simply by setting up and detecting World of Xeen either by manually combining the two games or using the GOG World of Xeen installer , and then renaming the savegames to use the World of Xeen savegame format, by default 'worldofxeen. The Xeen engine also offers two custom options in the Engine tab for the games in the ScummVM launcher.

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They are:. It is possible to import characters, beginning with Quest for Glory II, from past games to future games and continue from the stats earned from those games. Characters cannot be imported from future games to past games, nor can a character be imported to the same game that was just completed.

If you want to use a saved character from the original Sierra interpreter, you will need to rename the character file to "qfg[game-number]-[character-filename].

Left Click: Movement Page Up: Look up Page Down: Look down Space: Pause the game Esc: Skip cutscene F5: Menu Ctrl-o: Load game Ctrl-s: Save game. For the purposes of solving the starfield puzzle, only mouse clicks, L and Tab are really needed, though the action glyph in the PET can be used instead of Tab.

For this game, you will need the comi. The comi. In addition, you will need to create a "resource" subdirectory containing all of the files from -both- "resource" subdirectories on the two CDs. Some of the files appear on both CDs, but again they're identical. You need to install a small pack of cutscenes that are missing in both of these versions of The Feeble Files. Many of the files necessary for the game are stored in an InstallShield file called data1.

You will need to use the original installer or i5comp to unpack the contents of this file. The i5comp decompression tool, can be found via a search on the internet. The file should already be included in official ScummVM packages. Note that the current Windows release of ScummVM should contain the file embedded into the executable, thus you only need to grab it in case ScummVM complains about the file being missing. The original game came in a PC booter disk, therefore it is necessary to dump the contents of that disk in an image file and name it "troll.

In these situations, since typing with emulated keyboards is quite tedious, commands can be entered quickly and easily via the Predictive Input Dialog. In order to enable predictive input in AGI games, you need to copy the pred. This dictionary has been created by parsing through all known AGI games and contains the maximum set of common words. If the dictionary is detected, the Predictive Input Dialog is displayed either when you click on the command line area wherever keyboard input is required, even in dialog boxes , or in some ports by pressing a designated hot key.

The primary input method is the predictive mode Pre which resembles the way "fast typing" is performed at phones. The alphabet is divided into 9 sets which naturally map to the 9 number keys of the numeric keypad 0 is space. To type in a word, you press once the number of the set which contains the letter of the word you intend to type, then move on to the next. For example, to type the command look , you should press As you gradually type the intended word's numeric code, the dictionary is accessed for known words matching your input up to that point.

As you press more keys, the prediction converges to the correct word.

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This is why the printed word may change dramatically between key presses. There exist situations though where more than one words share the same numeric representation. For example the words quit and suit map to the same number, namely In these cases the next button lights up. By pressing it, you can cycle through the list of words sharing the same code and finally accept the correct one by pressing 0 space or the Ok button. The second input method is the numeric input: Each key you press is entered verbatim as a number. The third input method Abc is the Multi-tap Alpha input mode.

This mode is intended for entering free text, without assistance from the dictionary scheme of predictive Pre mode. The text is entered one letter at the time. For each letter first press the number of the set which contains the letter you want, then use the next button to cycle through the letters and repeat with another number.

For example, to enter the word look you must press the following: The dialog is fully usable with the mouse, but a few provisions have been made in some ScummVM ports to make its use more comfortable by naturally mapping the functionality to the numeric keypad. Also, the dialog's buttons can be navigated with the arrow and the enter keys. Some have an option to toggle between the two, but there are some cases where there wasn't any option to enable both simultaneously.

In ScummVM, it is possible to enjoy a combined mode, where both speech and text are shown at the same time. This mode can be toggled in the ScummVM audio options, but each game has different behavior in-game regarding speech and text toggling. EcoQuest 1 CD: Speech and text can be toggled via the game's "Mode" option in the options dialog, or via ScummVM's audio options.

Freddy Pharkas CD: There is no in-game option to toggle speech and text. Only ScummVM's audio options can be used to toggle this feature. Note that some spoken dialog is missing from the game texts. Gabriel Knight CD: Speech and text can be toggled via the "Text" and "Voice" buttons in the game's settings dialog, or via ScummVM's audio options. King's Quest 6 CD: Speech and text can be toggled via the "Mode" button in the options dialog with an extra "Dual" setting added in ScummVM , or via ScummVM's audio options.

Note that the subtitles were disabled in the official release of this game, so some subtitles may be wrong or missing. Laura Bow 2 CD: Leisure Suit Larry 6 CD: Either speech only or speech and text can be selected. There is no in-game option to toggle text only. Only ScummVM's audio options can be used to enable the text only mode.

Leisure Suit Larry 6 hires CD: Speech cannot be disabled. Police Quest 4 CD: Either speech only or text only can be selected from the game's settings dialog. Shivers CD: Text can be toggled by selecting the "Text" option from the game's settings dialog, or via ScummVM's audio options.

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Note that only videos have subtitles in this game. Space Quest 4 CD: Speech and text can be toggled via the "Display Mode" button in the options dialog, or via ScummVM's audio options. Space Quest 6 CD: Speech and text can be toggled via the "Speech" and "Text" buttons in the game's settings dialog, or via ScummVM's audio options. Torin's Passage CD: Text can be toggled by selecting "Closed Captioning" from the in-game "Game" menu. Speech can be disabled by selecting "Audio Mixer" from the in-game "Game" menu and setting the speech volume to zero.

To run the supported Zork games Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands and Zork: Grand Inquisitor you need to copy some extra data to its corresponding destination. Download the Liberation tm fonts package https: Download the subtitles patch https: Simply name the D64 disks "maniac1. But then the game will not be properly autodetected by ScummVM, and you must make sure that the platform is set to Commodore We recommend using the much simpler approach described in the previous paragraph.

ScummVM can use most all? The reason for this is that the mac uses a special disk format called HFS which other systems usually do not support. However, there are various free tools which allow reading such HFS volumes. Most of the newer games on the Macintosh shipped with only a single data file note that in some cases this data file was made invisible, so you may need extra tools in order to copy it. ScummVM is able to directly use such a data file; simply point ScummVM at the directory containing it, and it should work just like with every other supported game.

ScummVM has been ported to run on many platforms and operating systems. Links to these ports can be found either on the ScummVM web page or by a Google search. Many thanks to our porters for their efforts. If you have a port of ScummVM and wish to commit it into the master git, feel free to contact us! For more platform specific limitations, please refer to our Wiki:.

There are unofficial ports to a variety of platforms, including the Xbox, and Xbox Please note that these are not made by us, so we neither endorse nor can we support them. Use at your own risk! Please note that by default, ScummVM will save games in the directory it is executed from, so you should refrain from running it from more than one location. Further information, including how to specify a specific save directory to avoid this issue, are in section 6. ScummVM can be launched directly by running the executable. In this case, the built-in launcher will activate.

From this, you can add games click 'Add Game' , or launch games which have already been configured. Games can also be added in mass quantities. ScummVM can also be launched into a game directly using Command Line arguments -- see the next section. The meaning of most long options that is, those options starting with a double-dash can be inverted by prefixing them with "no-". For example, --no-aspect-ratio will turn aspect ratio correction off. This is useful if you want to override a setting in the configuration file. The short game name 'game target' you see at the end of the command line specifies which game is started.

It either corresponds to an arbitrary user defined target from the configuration file , or to a built-in gameid.

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A family-friendly baseball game in the long-running Backyard Sports franchise. Real NFL players and teams appear as kids in this youth-oriented seven-on-seven football game. Backyard Baseball '09 is the most recent game in the Backyard Sports franchise. Backyard Football '08 is one in a series of fun, non-sim style sports titles from Atari. It features cartoon-style graphics and simple football gameplay.

Backyard Soccer continues the 2-D style that the backyard sports games are known for. It also includes MLS players as kids. The first installment of the Backyard Hockey series, where you can play as cartoon versions of real NHL players. Facebook Twitter.

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